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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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[gavel] president chiu: colleagues, we are back from closed session. can we have a motion to not disclose? without objection, the motion to not disclose is upheld.
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madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams? madam clerk: -- president chiu: is there any more business for today? ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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supervisor chu: i am supervisor chn -- chu and this is the budget and finance meeting. would you please update us? we have a short agenda. thank you very much. this item is a hearing on the ongoing budget update. we will get to item number two very shortly. so quickly, for the update on the ongoing budget, is there any new news specifically with regard to the federer budget or the state budget. >> the mayor's budget director. i will be brief. we will have some more soon in the relatively near future.
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the governor may revise these on the 16th of may. they will look closing the remainder of the deficit and the plans for the november ballot or special election. additional cut proposals. my guess is that we will start hearing ideas trickle out about what we are going to see within the next week or so, but we will actually see it in mid may. probably the working assumption by the time we have just met the mayor's budget on june 1, there
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will not be much certainty given that he is going to have to make a proposal on legislature over the summer, so we will have to make some assumptions about what we will assume and what we do not assume. other items that are coming up, we are in the process of working on the nine month report with the comptroller's office. that is the state of the revenues, and we will update them. for the last couple of months, we have been expecting to get a little bit of good news in the report.
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lastly, we will have our five- year financial plan next week drafted, so at least we can begin discussing the things that this committee. supervisor chu: thank you. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: we're talking about a special election? >> i think it is not clear about what the plans will be. the original date was to quality
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june special election, and that we're looking at between june and november, but i do not think we have something special on the table. they love an update of what their own revenue looks like at the state. kabbalah those factors are likely to play in with their decision making. -- all of those factors. for the proposed measures to pass on. your guess is as good as mine.
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supervisor mirkarimi: opt -- others would be? >> for the across, the costs of just organizing the election, -- for the other costs. the last state action was taken and it was changed after the date of the election. supervisor chu: thank you,
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supervisor mirkarimi. why do we not go to public comment on this section? " >> ♪ you are the budget sunshine of my life i love you, and i need a million more bring it back, woa, woa, woa, we would like the budget back again. bring it back again ♪ supervisor chu: any other public comment? public comment is closed. camera continues with the objection?
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item number 2 below. >> for fiscal year 2007, two dozen 12. -- 2012. >> -- supervisor mar: this is a good way to get people familiar with the issues with the sheriff's department, so with that, they keep. >> but to be here from a supervisor -- nice to be here, supervisor. we can use your overhead. if you look at the far right
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hand, what it shows in a long bolt column, our expenses have been $154 million. the budget submitted to the mayor so far is about $10 million less than what we intend to spend this year, so our budget proposal for the coming year is, in the words, as i said, about $10 million. we hope to spend about 10 dozen dollars -- $10,000 less this year. a different charge, you can essentially see where a money goes. a large section is our custody division in the county jails.
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the second largest, court security. a lot goes into what we call city services, including the entryway to the building. field and support services are services that provide evictions and help the police department for new been -- for halloween or for other events, such as when we win the super bowl, and a small amount goes into our programs, mandated training. and though there is a concern about the jail population.
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supervisor chu: there is a question. supervisor kim: what is port security then? >> the security includes the hospitals and the community health clinics. i misspoke. supervisor kim: and then programs? >> they are basically rehabilitation programs, everything from drug treatment
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to buy its programs, women services, and the like. supervisor kim: thank you. >> answer is the largest part of our budget and staffing is dedicated to a county jails, we did provide a chart which shows some historical data from january of 2007. this was from october 2012. as you can see in the past, since a january of this year, our population has taken a dramatic downward turn.